This was not achieved without efforts. We have invested the past ten years in establishing the company’s structure, developing the manufacturing form commensurate with the local and international levels and covering the preform industry market in Africa and the Middle East.

Welcome to New Modern Plast Company

The first in the plastic industry in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East

We provide customers with high-quality custom collections all over the world. The prototypes are designed internally according to customer specifications, and are manufactured in our facility, the first conceptualization of the product is presented within the New Modern Plast Company until the final product is completed according to the quality standards for manufacturing the preform product We have the ability to complete all tasks in the field of the plastic industry from processing, design, planning and even manufacturing finished products through integrated and modern machine lines to keep pace with technological and technical development


Our Values

We always strive for progress in our field, and we maintain the quality, safety and security of our products, and our commitments are clear to everyone who deals with us.

Vision, Mission and Values

New Modern Plast

<p>We always strive to achieve progress in our field, and we maintain the quality, safety and security of our products, and our commitments are clear to everyone who deals with us ... Our products are traded and distinguished in the Egyptian and foreign market .. And we have a professional team in its work aiming to serve our customers and meet their needs and aspirations immediately. We all work in a team spirit ... Our goal is one and our direction is known and specific ... Our goal is to satisfy our customers ... and to paint the future in the most beautiful painting that our country is honored ... We preserve our environment and the health of our society ... We spare no effort in working to raise the status of the homeland. I thank all customers for their great confidence in our products, which is the real motive for building bridges of cooperation and communication, and the greatest common denominator in our development and continuation .. Our slogan is "quality, development and improvement to achieve distinction and success" and we promise that we will do our utmost to achieve your requirements and provide the best for you.</p>

Our vision

New Modernplast Company aspiring to be one of the largest industrial Firms in Africa for plastic packaging materials covering food & beverages, detergents, medicines, and General Plastics.

Our mission

New Modernplast seeks to be one of the leaders in quality, cost, and customer satisfaction, to survive in the dynamic and highly competitive market through the integration of people, technology and business systems, to transfer knowledge, technology, and experience throughout MP. To operate the Company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.


How to buy Plastic Preform through New Modern Plast

The Scope

New Modern Plast Company will assess your needs and assist you in reaching an informed decision on the best available product according to your individual requirements.

The Assessment

New Modern Plast Company will develop and sign all contracts that protect confidentiality, rights and obligations of the buyer

The Inspection

We will draw up and sign all contracts that protect confidentiality, the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller

The Payment

You pay a deposit to reserve the machine and sign a purchase contract that defines the steps of the transaction, dates, payment conditions, etc. This ensures the security of your purchase.

The Delivery

New Modern Plast will arrange all services - logistics, insurance, import and export documents - to deliver the products to the factory or the customer's closest outlet.


New Modern Plast Engineering

  • New Modern Plast provides consulting and engineering services for the manufacture of plastic products for soft drinks, water, food and dairy industries, plant design, general engineering services for manufacturing.

Equipment & Technologies

  • Providing factories with equipment and complete solutions for the food, beverage and dairy industries. We guarantee optimum capacity and least maintenance while achieving optimum hygiene process. We specialize in fluid handling, drying, concentrating and packaging technologies

How to sell your materials?

Free International Promotion

We will start promotion of your machines through several channels (web, email, fax, telephone, local magazines, etc). Promotion is expensive, therefore we require COMPLETE, relevant machinery information and pictures before we start promoting your machine

Inspection visits

We will preselect buyers interested and arrange visits with them. MachinePoint always travels with buyers and takes care of all negotiations with them.

100 % Payment before loading

A Deposit will be paid to reserve the machine, and a purchasing agreement will be signed to fix the dates of loading. You will keep the deposit if the agreement is not fulfilled.


We work on a success rate and you will not incur any costs. This is why it is very important for us to have everything clear before we start working on selling your machines.


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